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Cleaning and Prevention Winchester

Solutions Dental Clinic implements best practice techniques in dental cleaning and cavity prevention which significantly reduces decay and gum disease.

Severely stained teeth were cleaned using AquaCare and the results are staggering

At Solutions Dental Clinic, we strongly suggest that the best way to maintain the health of your mouth is to attend regular dental appointments. This is called preventive dentistry and ensures that we identify potential dental issues before they develop. The benefits of preventative dentistry focus around avoiding the need for extractions, fillings and other major dental work. This in turn increases the chance of keeping your own teeth into old age.

Our Winchester Dentists is experienced dental technicians will meet with you for a consultation and provide you with a recommended “Cleaning and Prevention” treatment course or maintenance plan, helping to keep your teeth in the healthiest possible condition. During the consultation we will assess your teeth and general oral hygiene, providing you with information about any necessary treatments you might need.

Your specialist dentist will carry out a thorough scale and polish, along with teaching you how to properly care for your teeth against bacterial plaque. At Solutions Dental Clinic, we will also discuss dietary and lifestyle choices that could affect the health of your teeth, as well as providing information on which oral care products would be most suitable for you.

Eliminate problems before they arise – preventative dentistry can lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums with minimal intervention and effort!

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