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Cosmetic Teeth Straightening

Crooked, crowded or twisted teeth can affect your confidence, as can gaps in your teeth. We can offer you various cosmetic teeth straightening solutions to give you that beautiful smile you have always dreamed of.

At Solutions Dental Clinic, we focus on delivering quality, affordable and convenient cosmetic teeth straightening to our patients. We provide state of the art treatments which are practically undetectable to other people, helping you to achieve the look you want without affecting your appearance whilst the treatment is taking place.

Cosmetic teeth straightening can offer a renewed sense of confidence in your appearance, along with helping to form good dental hygiene practices.

Our solutions include:

  • Clear removable teeth aligners that you wear each day to gradually straighten your teeth – this process straightens teeth as well as closes gaps.
  • 4-8 months option; we will apply clear brackets along with tooth coloured wires. This technique involves light force to gently move your teeth to their desired position.
  • Lingual braces which are fitted to the inside of your teeth, limiting detection. These braces are tailor made to fit the shape of your teeth.
  • Inman aligner – this is designed to apply a gentle pressure to the teeth needing to be moved. We would then follow this up with a discreet retainer, which would hold them in place ensuring your teeth remain in their new position.

So why not get that perfect, straight smile?

We have a range of options for you to choose from. Get in touch today for your no obligation quotation and we will identify and plan a customised cosmetic teeth straightening solution to suit your requirements.

Cosmetic Teeth Straightening for Crooked, crowded or twisted teeth
Inman aligner used to move the front teeth forward and correct a crowded smile

Meet Our Patients


Dear Lee
Having reached the end of my major implant treatment I must compliment you both, and your staff, on the excellent standards of patient care that you have provided.
I am very impressed with your attention to detail, the quality of both dental surgery and technical production and, most importantly the genuine care....

George Trytsman

Dear Lee
Thank you for my new dentures, made and fitted with a minimum of appointments,
excellent service and attention, highly recommended, money and time well spent.

Geoff Pointer