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Crowns, Caps and Bridges Winchester

Do you have a tooth that is weak or missing? Solutions Dental Clinic can help you by providing dental crowns, caps and bridges.

If you are experiencing any issues with crowns, caps and/or bridges, Winchester Dentists can help! Our Winchester clinic is built on patient trust and ethical conduct to ensure lifelong patient relationships – when you come to us, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Crowns, Caps and Bridges
Crown used to replace broken impacted tooth

We begin by analysing the issue and making recommendations on the best way to approach fitting your dental crowns, caps and bridges. We will discuss your options in details, the associated costs and we will agree a way forward which you are happy with before proceeding to treatment.

Dental crowns, caps and bridges can’t be removed; it is for this reason that we use these procedures to cover any damaged or missing teeth. Each device is cemented perfectly into place by fixing them to existing teeth or dental implants. Learn more about how each device works:

Dental Crowns

Crowns or caps are fitted on top of teeth that are damaged. Our dental technicians do this to help cover individual teeth and protect them from further damage. Our professional technicians recommend a crown for the purpose of shaping or re-aligning a tooth, along with improving the patient’s appearance.

At Solutions Dental Clinic, we might place a crown over a dental implant, with the purpose of producing a tooth that matches those around it. Crowns or caps (as they are commonly known) are usually made from porcelain or ceramic, however in some instances, gold, alloys or acrylic may also be used. Each crown is matched as closely as possible to the natural tooth colour (where this is required) and fitted to provide strength and comfort.

Dental Bridges

Fitting a dental bridge is usually the most cost efficient choice for patients, especially when there is more than one tooth damaged or missing. Dental technicians can cover spaces in a patient’s teeth using a dental bridge that prevents the existing teeth from moving into those empty spaces.

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