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Pauline M
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Average customer rating 5 Highly recommended
Martyn Bignell

ust a quick note to say a huge thank you for all your great work, I really never thought I could have a smile like the one you have given me, unless of course I spent a lot more money than I have.

Thank you

First and foremost, I am not one to write reviews, however, in this instance I almost feel obliged to do so. I have had problematical teeth right after my baby teeth dropped out, from braces to a very questionable dentist.
This left me with teeth that I would not wish on my worst enemy, finally something had to be done; I first visted a NHS dentist and what was offered was not what I wanted, no reflection on the dentist, just the very poor service the NHS now offer.
Therefore I decided to find a private dentist, I searched on line and after a couple of hours of searching decided to contact Solutions Dental; they called me back very promptly and arranged an appointment. Having lived in America a number of years I had some reservations, in that will they just be after my money?
My first appointment with Lee and Eduard assured me that this was not going to be the case, they went through every step in infinate detail and I walked away from there surgery with supreme confidence.
My very first dental appointment left me amazed, the detail in which Eduard first photographed my teeth prior to xray and then the xray itself was very in depth. Of course I was going to need the extraction of a number of teeth, not a thing anyone relishes, but yet again I was left quite staggered, In the past I have had a dentists knee in my chest when having a tooth removed.
This time I could not believe the patience and time Eduard took to remove my teeth, If for any reason I ever had to have a tooth removed without any pain killer, then I would only let Eduard do this, I have just had five removed in one hit, I only thought he had done three, but to my amazement all five had gone.
Eduards partner Lee produces the dentures and works extremely closely with Eduard, I am sure he does a lot of other work as well, I am just not privvy to that, what I can say is that the dentures he has produced would have Tom Cruise looking on in envy. Not only do they fit superbly they look great, a real hollywood smile; the boost in my confidence has gone through the roof, when I got out of there surgery I could not stop grinning.
As a team these guys are great, and if you are having doubts about visting a dentist and or feel that it may be too expensive, then please give Solutions Dental a try, you will not be disapointed.

I have not received any benefits or work in kind for writing this review, nor do I intend to ask for any; true pro’s are hard to find these days, these guys are real pro’s and will hold your hand the whole way.

George Trytsman

Dear Lee

Having reached the end of my major implant treatment I must compliment you both, and your staff, on the excellent standards of patient care that you have provided.

I am very impressed with your attention to detail, the quality of both dental surgery and technical production and, most importantly the genuine care and friendliness displayed by you and your staff. You have truly 'delivered' on all the statements made in your promotional material.

Thank you for making such a positive difference to what could have been a most unpleasant experience!

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Hampshire Dentists to anyone contemplating dental implants.

Best Regards

Geoff Pointer

Dear Lee

Thank you for my new dentures, made and fitted with a minimum of appointments,
excellent service and attention, highly recommended, money and time well spent.


Mike Bunday

Dear Lee & Ed,

Firstly thank you so very much for my new dentures which will completely transform my life going forward. Having completely given up on dentist after many a bad experience it came to the point where I needed to find a solution as my teeth became loose and we're falling out, this coupled with being very very nervous led me on my search.

I discovered Lee and his company on the Internet and thought there is the face of a man I can trust! Ask my wife I'm not right about much but this decision was probably the best and most spot on decision I have ever made. Firstly Lee is a gentleman and very caring person and secondly he is probably the best denture maker in Hampshire if not the country.His partner in crime Ed once again I found to be the best dentist I have ever received a treatment from and I have seen a few, Ed is a TOP MAN and wonderfully caring and competent Dentist. My absolute fear of Dentists has gone as I have fantastic new dentures and a winning smile the perfect Solution from a fantastic Team! Thanks a million to all the team especially Lee & Ed.


Average customer rating 5 Highly recommended