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Meet Josh Sharpling

Dr. Josh Sharpling has just started with us at Solutions Dental Practice, and so we wanted to give you the chance to get to know Josh better. 

Josh has been practicing dentistry for the last six years. He graduated with honours from King’s College London (KCL) in 2014 and he is currently completing further training at KCL to become a registered specialist in prosthodontics. 

Becoming a registered specialist in dentistry is comparable to becoming a consultant in medicine. Specialist training for Josh involves working at Guy’s hospital three days a week, where he sees complex dental cases referred to him from other dentists. This means not only is Josh a fun and energetic colleague with a warm personality, he is also a very experienced clinician – a safe pair of hands.

A Q&A with Josh

What is a prosthodontist?

I am glad you asked because not many people are aware of what a prosthodontist is. Similar to how an orthodontist is a specialist in moving teeth, a prosthodontist is a specialist in restoring and replacing teeth. 

How does a prosthodontist restore existing teeth? I restore teeth a number of ways, commonly using tooth coloured filling materials or crowns. Prosthodontists are especially interested in planning ahead and looking at how your jaws move together to predict future wear and tear.

How does a prosthodontist replace teeth?

The short answer is bridges, implants and dentures. But it really depends on what is most suitable for each individual. The same clinical problem can be treated in many ways depending on the patient’s preferences, expectations, hobbies and lifestyle. I will always give you my best clinical opinion, but dentistry is a two-way discussion, and your personal preference is always paramount. 

Speaking of hobbies and lifestyle, what do you do outside of dentistry?

Growing up I spent 30-hours a week training as a gymnast and competing at the national level. I might show you a handstand if you catch me on a good day! But my latest interests include golf, cycling and spending as time Cornwall – I have recently fallen in love with surfing, and can’t wait to get back in the sea soon! 

What does the future of dentistry look like to you, post-COVID-19?

That is a two-part question really. In general, the future is digital. During my specialist training I am working with 3D software which allows me to digitally predict the end product of a treatment plan and adjust the plan if needed before commencing work. This is particularly helpful for aesthetic treatment, or denture designs.

Dentistry is slowly getting back to normal. However, as with the rest of the world, there is a rise in digital communications. A lot of people are enjoying more time at home and tapping into the world of online meetings. If this is you, I’d be more than happy to hold consultations with you over Zoom, if appropriate. Just let me know


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